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What Is Game Testing? What Are The Different Techniques?

Game testing is a part of game development. It is a software testing process to check the quality control of games. The main aim of game testing is to identify any defects and document them. Interactive entertainment software testing is a technical field that requires computing expertise, critical evaluation skills, analytic competence, and endurance. There are several techniques followed by Game Testing Services using which games can be tested in order to achieve the desired results. Here is a list of some of them.

Combinatorial Testing 

This method of game testing is used for commercial software testing and also to produce test cases. Applying this technique to game testing provides better quality, improves test execution efficiency, reduces cost, and better phase containment. 

Clean Room Testing

This particular method is a software development process aimed at developing gaming software with a certifiable level of reliability. 

Functionality Testing 

Functionality testing involves identification of bugs and errors in a game which may affect the users’ experience. 

Compatibility Testing

This method helps find if a game is functioning properly or not with respect to the hardware, software, and graphics configuration with which the device is built. It is one of the important mobile app testing methods that checks if a game title can run on specific devices.

Tree Testing

This type of game testing technique is almost similar to usability testing that is used to organize the test cases. Additionally, it helps to select the appropriate set of tests for the given set of code changes.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is done to retest the unaltered parts of the software. Here, test cases are checked more than once to analyse the working of the previous functions of the app. It helps to understand how well they work and ensure that the changes made have not introduced any new errors or vulnerabilities. 

Ad hoc Testing

This technique of game testing is not a properly planned testing method and is generally used to break down the system. Game Testers randomly test the app without any documents or test cases. 

Load Testing

Load Testing is a kind of performance testing to evaluate and determine the performance of a system under real-time load. This testing shows the reaction of an app when there are multiple users using the app simultaneously.

Play Testing

Play testing is the technique of game testing by playing the game to analyse non-functional features like difficulty levels, fun factors, balance, coordination, etc. Here, a selected group of users play the unfinished versions of the game to check the workflow. 

The Importance Of Game Testing

Game testing is important for various reasons. Games are essentially complex, combining several entertainment genres into an easy and enjoyable interactive experience. The main selling point of the game is that the medium itself is highly interactive. Game testers are needed for every platform and writing style. Testers will play games on Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Playstation, and PC programs, depending on the position and the company. 

Check out the Software Testing Services that are available to check if the actual results match with the end results. Mixing this with a broad user base, and in most cases, many different install bases can result in a lot of unexpected and unforeseen problems. Such hurdles can be easily be overlooked without proper testing of the game. Delivering a final product with bugs will lead to criticism from the end users, as it ruins their game experience, which in turn can result in a significant reduction in unit sales.

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