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Tips To Prepare For A Student Visa Interview

We all apply for a visa to be allowed entry into the respective country for higher studies, work, visit, or other purposes. No matter what the case, every person that has applied for a visa has to go through an interview that is usually taken by an immigration officer of that particular country’s consulate.

It is natural to get nervous for an interview in the feel of getting your visa rejected. Here are a few tips and information on how the interview process goes and what you can follow to get your New Zealand Visa for Indians approved in the first interview itself.

New Zealand Visa for Indians

The interview process is usually not long; it takes about 30 minutes, and the questions are specific to the purpose of traveling. It is very rare for an interviewer to ask further than the information and all the details you have already submitted while applying for the visa.

What does the Interviewer want?

It is important to understand what the interviewer looks for while interviewing a candidate. The things they look for are listed as follows.

Your motivation and your capability of reaching up to the demands of the course, the country’s laws, and its culture.

Your financial capability to manage all the expenses that occur during your study.

The interview is all about evaluating you and getting clarity on all the documents that you have submitted to them. In short, the interviewer wants to see why you should be granted a visa.

Points to keep in mind:

First and foremost important thing to do is not to lie or exaggerate about anything you say during the interview. The interviewer already has all your documents related to education and finance. Also, they are trained and can spot a lie very easily and quickly.

Have prepared answers for general questions that any visa officer asks such as

Why not study in your home country?

Why choose this particular country for your studies?

They might ask questions to check your motivation as well. The questions are like:

What if you get a job offer in the country after your studies?

Do the groundwork and learn a bit about the university at which you are applying. Look closely into the course you have chosen and ask yourself if your choice falls in line with your educational goals.

The interviewer would want to know your reasons for choosing a certain program and university, and when they ask you that question, it is important for you to be able to answer it hesitation-free.

You might have to face questions regarding your financial status. Therefore, know your bank balance and be sure of your financial plan. In case your parents are retired, or you lack enough funding, then the interviewer might ask you to explain how you plan to fund and sustain yourself.

New Zealand Immigration Consultants

Dress smart, look presentable and approach the interview calmly. Do not recite the answers you have memorized; instead, make them seem natural and spontaneous as they are looking to see if you are firm about your objectives and know what you are doing. You can also hire one of the New Zealand Immigration Consultants for making your process easy.

Work on the simple etiquettes of conversation. Be polite and courteous during a response. Listen carefully to the questions and do not answer until the question is completed. A little patience and good manners will only help you get approval.

Be confident when meeting with the visa officer. Do not fidget or look nervous. Most importantly, do not get into an argument with the officer during your interview.

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