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The Must-Have Accessories For Your Android Mobile Phone

Most of us spend around five to 6 hours a day on our smartphones. They have become the most reliable source for us to contact our dear ones, make payments, send out emails, respond to emails, shop online, and so on. However important they are, they are not perfect. That is why having the right accessories for your mobile phone is important, making sure that your phone is ready for any situation you might face. Below is the list of must-have products for your mobile phone that you should buy.


We no longer have to carry around our MP3 players to enjoy music while traveling because of our smartphones. Having a good pair of headphones or earphones to pair with your mobile phone is important. From listening to songs to taking a call while you are at the wheel, a set of good-quality headphones can really improve the functionality of your phone.

Screen Protector or Screen Guard

Protecting the phone involves protecting it from scratches both on the back as well as on the front. Hence, a good and strong phone case or a back cover and a proper screen guard or screen protection for the front are a must. You can either get plastic or a glass screen protection. However, glass are stronger, and you can buy electronic accessories online. These covers tend to be more robust and more durable, and also they’ll feel more realistic to the touch.

Power Bank

No matter how much battery life smartphones nowadays come with, they will eventually run out of battery. Also, if you happen to be in a place where there are no charging sockets, or there is a power cut for a very long time, you will not be able to use your phone much. For situations as these, it is necessary to invest in a good power bank that charges your phone quickly as well as lasts long. You can connect your phone to this external battery charging pack and charge your phone.


Whether you are fashion conscious, or a bit techy and looking for a cool toy, a smartwatch could be a great accessory to go alongside your smartphone. You can easily control your phone through your smartwatch, make and receive calls, receive important notifications, read messages from the watch, track your fitness, and so on.

Portable Speaker

Headphones are best for personal use, but if you want to play music aloud, then a portable speaker is a great option. This is one of the new smartphone gadgets that are widely available, and you can buy one depending on your budget. You can simply connect the speaker with your phone’s Bluetooth and start playing your favorite songs. Also, since they run on battery, make sure to charge them fully before leaving.

Spare Charging Cables

In case you are using a wireless charger, buying a charging cable might be a little redundant. However, it is best to invest in it anyway. Although it is something that you may not require every day, it comes to hand when you forget to take your wireless charger with you, or you are not able to carry it. You could charge your phone with this spare charging cable.

Charging cables differ in quality, but even manufacturer cables can break after heavy use. If you only have one charging cable, you will be left without a useful phone very soon if that happens.

Also, be sure to check out the customer reviews before buying the charging cable to make sure they last for a considerable period.

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