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The Eastern Charm- Singapore

Hey Dubaites, confused about where to skip out this holiday season? As the business world is heading east, so is tourism. The best tourist place in the entire Asian continent could be none other than the garden city of Singapore.

This island nation is a liberal place with much freedom. This city is super clean, and the government employs a large workforce to maintain tidiness and orderliness. There are strict rules to follow when it comes to keeping the public environment clean. Singapore is naturally beautiful with a lush green cover despite being a global city and an educational and business hub.

Asia, in general, has a great cultural history but people are adaptable at the same time. The tolerance level of the people in Singapore is high, which is evident from the fact that this small place has four official languages.  This city has the best public transport system and is, at the same time, not very polluted. Thus Singapore is almost utopian and should be on the bucket list of every Dubaite.

A Dubai to Singapore flight duration is about seven and a half hours and there are various tour Singapore packages from Dubai. ‘The Asian Dhamaka’ is an all-inclusive package and costs as low as AED 3999 per person.

The Asian Dhamaka Package:

This package is primarily a Singapore tour package from Dubai but includes a visit to Kuala Lumpur too. On day one, you arrive in the garden city: Singapore. The airport itself is fantastic and the Changi Airport, Singapore is rated as the world’s best airport. It offers free cinema and a swimming pool for the travelers.  

There are flower gardens right inside the busy airport. One starts the day, by visiting the sprawling nature park: Gardens by the bay. This public garden has an area of 101 hectares in the heart of the city, and you get a feeling that Singapore is a city inside a garden. The entire place is dreamlike and surreal.

The major attractions are the flower dome (one of the world’s largest greenhouses), the 35m waterfalls, humanmade supertrees that have restaurants and event venues, etc. The bird’s view from the sky walkway is jaw-dropping and can’t be missed.  This place is a big hit among children as there are tree-houses, water parks, and play zones.

This is a great place for some botany lessons too as there is flora of every possible kind at the same place. Singapore has excellent pedestrian walkways, something amiss back home in Dubai. Here some of the sidewalks have fans and humidifiers too.  

On days two and three, in the morning a city tour is arranged, and in the afternoon, you head straight to Sensota Island. Sentosa Island has many tourist attractions and is situated on the south coast of the city.  

This is a group of resorts and parks and can be reached by road, cable car, rail, and pedestrian walkways. This is home to Universal Studios Singapore. This theme park has seven zones and has the best rides, Hollywood Dreams Light-Up Parade, favorite cartoon characters to catch up-close and take a snap, etc. There is the mini world of Hollywood with themes based on Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi city, New York, etc.

Vivacious events and shows are regular throughout the year. The S.E.A aquarium is home to 100,000 sea animals, and one feels like living on the ocean floor. The trip to the Sentosa is not complete without visiting the Wings of time show.  

This show takes one to the period of Mayan Pyramids, silk route trade, Egyptian times, the industrial revolution, etc. The special effects and lights just dazzle your mind and you are left completely awestruck. The Madame Tussauds wax museum is also present here.

One also gets a chance to visit Jurong Bird Park. All this already make this plan one of the best Singapore packages from Dubai. The Marine bay skyline is glitter and bling and is perfect for a night stroll. Just like Dubai, Singapore is the land of shopping malls and is the shopper’s paradise. Singapore has some great street food stalls and given the hygiene savvy government and cross-cultural people; they are safe and mouth-watering.

Day 4 and 5 of this Singapore tour package from Dubai are reserved for a visit to Kuala Lumpur.

On day 6, you fly back home with some rejuvenating experiences.

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