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The Common Mistakes You Can Commit While Preparing For The SSC CGL!

With more people seeking to get into government jobs, the SSC CGL Coaching is ending up increasingly mainstream. One can discover coaching classes in each nook and corner of a city.

SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission (Combined Graduate Level Examination) is an associate examination conducted to recruit workers to numerous posts in departments, organizations, and ministries of the govt.

The Staff Selection Commission administers it for selecting staff for various Group B and Group C posts. It tests the person’s capacity to work in broad daylight segment occupations. The SSC exam pattern is to a high degree basic with a vast syllabus; and to pass the tests, SSC Coaching institutes assume a unique role. But the students fail when it comes to the right approach. So here we list down the most common mistakes that SSC aspirants make. Read on!

Eight Familiar Mistakes Students Make While Preparing For The SSC CGL

Not Understanding The SSC Exam Pattern And Syllabus

Many aspirants right away jump into the preparation by joining an SSC coaching institute and rely on the topics that are taught by the institute. It is only when they begin practicing mock tests that they discern that their preparation is not enough for the exam. Training should be started by first understanding the SSC exam pattern and analyzing the cut-offs for previous years. Practice few past year papers and see how you score in them to get a perception of how you need to start preparing.

Ignoring The Technical Aspects Of The Exam

Aspirants must familiarise themselves with the technical aspects of the online exam system. Practicing on pen and paper and with books can help you master the concepts and speed but don’t wait till the exam day to attempt the test in an online mode. You must practice as many online mock tests, by joining an online test series for SSC CGL, as possible to get familiar with the interface and online experience.

Preparing For Multiple Exams Simultaneously

Many aspirants steel oneself against SSC CGL /banking and different exams at the same time. Please note that each exam has a different way to assess the aspirants. Some reviews are more analytical; some are concept oriented; while the others are practice-oriented. Additionally, these exams happen in multiple tiers/phases, and you should be working on not only the next step but at least for the stage after that too. So, you must opt for your examination preferences and prioritize fastidiously.

Referring To Too Many Books/Sources

You have to be specific with the study material your SSC coaching provides you. You should avoid incorporating too many books or study material or online platforms in your preparation. Stick to the resources of your choice and be thorough with them. Talk to students who have aced these exams, and they’ll advise you the same thing.

Not Planning Your Studies In Advance

Planning is one step which might prevent not solely keep you from wasting your time but also will assist you in utilizing your time in a judicious way. Aspirants have only seventy-five to eighty days for tier-one examination. You should build a correct strategy and study in a way that covers all topics. It should also include the regular practice of tests and quizzes through an online test series for SSC CGL.

Not Giving Due Preference To All Subjects

Don’t fall in the trap of focussing ‘only’ on your strengths that most SSC coaching institutes program in your head. While it is crucial to maximizing score in your secure areas, it is equally essential to be active in all subjects.

Relying Only On Short Tricks

While SSC exam pattern is known for not changing frequently and even repeating the questions in certain exams, you must learn the basics as well as short tricks instead of relying only on short cut approaches. This will assist you in applying your ideas just in case there are any variations within the exam pattern.

Not Making Notes

Especially for subjects like general studies, it is super essential to revise the study material regularly. You should make short notes on them so that you can quickly review them periodically and before the exam.

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