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Know Why Would A Root Canal Take Two Visits?

If your dentist guides you to take root canal treatment, then you are probably wondering what root canal is — or if you do know, maybe you are nervous about the method. No need to bother, though, because root canals are a secure and standard procedure performed by millions of people every year.

Well, the root canals are as routine as making a filling, relatively painless, and extremely useful as a treatment for a cracked or infected tooth. Know what exactly a root canal is?

A root canal is a procedure, typically completed by an endodontist, to fix a damaged or infected tooth while still preserving the healthy leftover parts of the tooth. To perform the procedure, the injured or infected tooth is left in place within the gum line while an endodontist completely cleans the canal surrounding the tooth’s roots. You may get a doubt that does root canals to need two Visits?

There is no set plan or regimen for how long it needs to do a root canal. Years ago, this treatment was more typical for the root canal to be performed in two visits because if the tooth were filled after having washed it out in the same visit, sometimes the tooth would flare up.

Now, due to advanced methods and better ways to clean the inside of the tooth, root canals are routinely done in one visit. This is certainly more comfortable for the patient as well as for the dentist. Typically, root canal specialists doctors will finish a root canal in one visit. This is certainly more comfortable for the patient, but it is also cost-effective. Speed and ability translate to lower cost in the long run.

Each tooth is complex, and the anatomy of each one can vary significantly from the others. This presents some root canals complicated and makes it necessary for multiple visits to complete a successful operation.

Some upper first molars, maybe the most difficult teeth to perform root canals on, can take more than just two visits to seal completely. In some situations, there may be three to five canals, where a lower initial premolar will have only one canal. Its treatment may depend on the tooth you have a root canal on; some are simple, and some are more complicated in their internal anatomy, hence, need more time.

Cost is also regularly commensurate with the complexity of the treatment. If your doctor is suggested to take root canal treatment make sure to visit best dental clinics in Hyderabad which provides you with better treatment to recover in a few days.

What Was The Experience After Your Root Canal?

Your tooth, and the surrounding area, maybe a little sensitive for a few days after the procedure. This is entirely normal, and over-the-counter pain medications can help ease any lingering pain or pressure you may experience. If the pain extends for longer than a day or two, you should reach your dentist or endodontist immediately for further guidance.

Otherwise, your repaired tooth and crown should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Following good and constant oral hygiene will ensure that your repaired tooth will continue to work well for a lifetime. Ask your dentist if you may require a root canal shortly or if there’s anything you can do to help limit it.

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