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How to lose weight up to 5kg

There are many types of weight loss tips to lose weight fast. To see the effect of these prescriptions, it is necessary to include them in your lifestyle and follow them regularly.

If you want to reduce your weight up to five kilos, you should adopt some healthy tips for which you can lose weight as well as both fit and healthy. The best way to lose weight is to make your diet chart or eat a diet that will help you lose weight. Let’s know how to reduce weight of five kilos, what to do –

how to lose weight


It cannot be imagined to lose weight and get fit without regular exercise. Make exercise a regular part of your routine. Keep writing about it so that you can play a workout schedule correctly. You can go to gym and take exercises according to the instruction.

It is true that you can reduce your weight by up to 5 kg only by walking without having to go to the gym. With 10,000 steps you can make an unprecedented reduction in your weight every day and you will start seeing this effect within a week.

It may take more than 10,000 steps you can take, but if you try, you can walk on your daily routine. You do not necessarily need to move 10,000 steps at a time. Rather it can also be divided into pieces.

Eat less and have a balanced diet

Do not eat a lot at a time. Eat a little 6 to 8 times a day. Keep in mind that your body needs only a few calories for energy and metabolism at a time. Once more eating, the body’s digestive tract is more stressed and the calories burned in the form of fat accumulates in the body.

Stay away from TV at lunchtime

Keeping food, drinking, snooze and changing channels, if you spend more time in all these things then your weight is set to rise. First of all choose Healthy and Light Food, then keep the same plate as what you need. Take care of what you are and how much you are eating.

Do not gap in food

If you are going to adopt a program like this, do not stay hungry and eat at night, if you are going to adopt a program like this, it will harm you in many ways. Because it proves to be harmful instead of benefiting one body It is possible.

Reduce taking diet supplements

Diet supplements and diet foods are also set in different types of standard. Those who take diet food forget about the fact that it should not be consumed in excess quantity. They increase the risk rather than losing their weight by taking more diet than their capacity.

Consume fruits and green vegetables. Choose a fruit protein and a carbohydrate fruit throughout the day such as bananas, apples, grapes fruit, kiwi and bananas etc. Apart from this you can eat spinach, beans, broccoli, cabbage etc. in green vegetables.

Do not forget to walk after dinner

Eat dinner for two or two and a half hours before sleeping. Do not forget to walk after that. This food gets digested well and you will also get good sleep. Be careful not to go to bed immediately after eating.

The problem of increasing weight in the first time was seen only in older people but nowadays obesity is spreading among young people, responsible for our changing lives and other causes. In order to reduce our weight we do not know how many methods of dieting, gym and do not know, which results in good results and also work hard. If you want to lose weight easily, Just follow the above rules and you will definitely see some results in short time.

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