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Gates In The Gadget World

The cave-dwelling man had to live in constant fear. They were easily attacked by predatory animals and had to be alert all the time. Moreover, caves were not always present in convenient locations.

This necessitated the ancient men to build their haunts. Initially, the primitive shelters were made from stones and wood. The invention of fire, pottery, and cultivation of crops led to the need for increased storage space.

All these developments made people more creative. The ancient Egyptians were the first to learn the technique of making bricks. The idea of fortification was born in the era of kingdoms and empires. The palaces and castles were walled, and everyone was not allowed inside.

They were barricaded to ward off invaders and enemies. At times, the entire city was fortified and had huge gates which served as entry points. The gates were guarded heavily. The gates were made of metal, wood, stones and even enameled bricks.

Today almost all residential properties and offices have gates. They demarcate the area, prevent stray animals from entering and serve as safety measures. Right from the beginning, gates were also elements of visual appeal and the same continues to be prevalent till now.    

Industries, offices, and shops mostly have security staff guarding the entry at the gate. There are many types of gates like sliding gates, telescopic gates, cantilever gates, retractable gates, swing gates, and boom barriers. The availability of space, safety considerations, durability, and décor appearance are the influencing factors for choosing the gate design and type.

Hi-Tech Gates:

In the era of automation and artificial intelligence, we have gadgets to simplify everything. Gates have become smart too. The front gates of the building can open and close automatically without any human intervention.

But the role of technology is not limited to the movement mechanism. Now gates come with a high level of access controls. There are many options like biometrics, security passwords and keys, CCTV monitoring, RFID detections (used in ID cards), burglar alarms and surveillance camera to provide round the clock security. Residential complexes might not need all the features described above.  Burglar alarms and motion detection are the basic needs of urban homes.

Home Special:

The automatic folding gates are very much suitable for residential buildings. There is no need to employ a security guard. To open and close the gate all you need is a wireless remote. So the waiting time for a gatekeeper to open the door can be saved.

One need not stop and open the gates at night. In case, you don’t forget to close the gate using the remote then after preset timing the gate is closed automatically. One can change this timing too.

The remote could be used from your car, and you can avoid getting drenched in rain or blistering summer heat. The folding nature of gates saves space too. Another advantage with the folding type is that the movement is not sudden; one can easily get away from the gates as the first part of the folds moves in or out. 

The locking system of the gates is automated, and one doesn’t require big locks and chains. There is provision for triggering the alarm in case of any intrusion by burglars. These gates are heavy and don’t swing or move in the wind. The gates can be mounted on uneven surfaces and are very easy to maintain. There are no wheels or specific tracks.  The greatest plus with automatic folding gates is the availability in different sizes.

Different Varieties:

Automatic gate companies manufacture different types of gates other than the folding ones. They are swing and sliding gates made of wood or metalloids like aluminum-based materials and wrought iron.

The access control can have features like digital passcode, swipe cards. With improvements in computer vision technology, facial recognition is also being implemented. Automatic gates need good maintenance. They need to be kept clean to avoid sensor obstructions. Usually, people use water jets and waxing to keep insects and birds away.

It is advisable to grease the moving parts of the gate frequently. This avoids rust and early wearing down of the parts. The battery condition should be monitored regularly. Good automatic gate companies offer express repair services too.   

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