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7 Tips To Win More Clients From Chartered Accountant Websites

Having a substantial presence on the internet has become vital for businesses and professionals to succeed in the real world. Chartered accountants are no different and even if they get a website built, it is important for them to know about the tactics to attract more clients. Apart from providing efficient services, they need to be adept at marketing strategies to promote their chartered accountant firm. They must create a plan for catching the eye of potential customers and encouraging them to use the services. In this article, we are presenting some valuable suggestions which can help professionals attract more clients through their interface.

1. Identify The Target Audience

In order to create an effective plan, you must first identify the target audience. While professionals would like to attract as much business as possible, in the initial phase it will be sensible to focus on a specific segment. Decide on the kind of clients you would like to focus on. Whether you want to provide assistance to salaried professionals or manage the accounts for small businesses. This will help you finalize the essential components of your marketing plan. Moving ahead in this fashion will also help you establish as an expert in your domain and open up opportunities to attract different kinds of clients.

2. Entice Customers With A Free Offer On Subscription

One of the best strategies to catch prospective clients’ attention is to run a free limited-period offer which can be availed on subscription. You need to incentivize the process of registering with your interface. Create a program like a limited-period trial offer or a free evaluation for people who sign up with your firm. This will give you an opportunity to impress the users with your professional skills. People who find your service helpful will extend their subscription past the free trial period.

3. Engage Your Clients On Social Media

Social media has become another vital platform for marketing a business and connecting with users. Create accounts of your firm on all major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Find out about the topics your audience is interested in and post on them. Make it a point to respond to comments posted by users on your uploads. It will also be sensible to become active on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Answer questions related to your area of expertise on forums like Quora and do not forget to include a link of your interface in the replies. This will help you engage users and attract more clients towards your agency.

4. Start A Blog On The Website

People want to be assured about the skills and expertise of a professional before making a decision to hire him/her. One of the best ways for chartered accountants to demonstrate their knowledge is to start a blog on their website. Make it a habit to write an upload insightful articles on various topics. Post user guides on issues like tax return filing which people require help in. plan your posts according to the tax calendar and upload articles related to an upcoming compliance event. This will create your image as a knowledgeable professional in the minds of prospective clients and improve chances that they will contact your firm when they require accounting help.

5. Partner With Others To Provide Related Services

Another good way to entice people towards your agency is to offer related services. Clients approaching a professional accountant will be looking for investment advice and legal assistance. These complimentary services can be provided if you find suitable partners in these practice areas and invite them to offer their services on your website. This widens the potential target audience of your interface. Chances are that a customer looking for help in another area will visit your portal and on seeing your expertise, show an interest in your firm.

6. Upsell Your Services

The website can be effectively used for maximizing the returns from the existing user base by upselling your services. For instance, your chartered accountant firm is based in India and attracts people looking for assistance on GST returns filing. Many businesses need to file multiple returns during the course of a year. You can create a scheme for such users where you offer to manage their payment and reporting for the coming financial year with the help of an efficient software solution. When you are offering such a plan, create and upload blog posts explaining how technology can help minimize the GST tax burden and reporting risks. This will be helpful in encouraging the clients to opt the scheme.

7. Create An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your existing user base and improve their engagement with your business. Create newsletters with useful information that can help the client in the near future. For instance, a chartered accountant in India can send a newsletter before the annual income tax return filing due date with tips for saving taxes. The email must also contain a link to the blog where detailed information about the topic will be given. The professional must also include details about his/her tax preparation and filing services along with any special promotional offers. Moreover, social sharing buttons must be included in the email so that users get a chance to share the content on their accounts. This will expose your content and services to new potential customers.


The virtual world has immense possibilities for promoting and expanding a business. Chartered accountants can use the above-mentioned strategies to improve the effectiveness of their website and attract more clients.


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