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Sports Injuries And How To Deal With Them?

Sports medicine doctor in India is usually an ordinary doctor or physician with some extra training in the field of sports. It is not a specialty in the field of medicine.

  • The reasons to see a sports medicine doctor are:
  • Injury during exercise,
  • Injury during Sports participation, or
  • Injury during any type of physical activity.

These doctors are trained to restore function to injured patients so they can heal as soon as possible. They will help the patients to get back to their routine as early as possible.

Most of the professional athletes will have personal sports medicine doctors. But, the doctors also treat young children involved in sports activities. Adults who are engaged in exercises for personal fitness also consult these doctors.

The sports medicine specialists are normal physicians who receive additional training to handle sports injuries. These doctors are also trained to help patients prevent injuries during participation in sports.

Some of these doctors only specialize intending to children and teens. Because their growing bodies are quite different from adults. Some sports medicine doctors have surgical training too and are usually called orthopedic surgeons.

These doctors can have assistants or fellow-professionals in the field of sports medicine. They can be

  • Physical therapists – who give physical therapy on the basis of instructions given by the doctors. They can help to relieve pain, help in gaining back mobility, and balance.
  • Certified athletic trainers – who can guide and teach the right way of performing and practicing athletics.
  • Nutritionists – who guide the sports people in the matter of diet and nutrition.
  • When suffering from one or many of the following reasons, it’s necessary to consult sports medicine specialists.
  • Asthma induced due to exercise
  • Fractures
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Neck, shoulder, or knee injuries
  • Concussions
  • Eating disorders in diet
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Heat illness

If a person bears serious injury during sports, it is important to consult a sports medicine doctor. This can prevent fatal casualties. If there are any symptoms such as severe pain, swelling, numbness, etc., a thorough diagnosis should be done.

Sometimes, treatment can be successfully given by using only pain relievers without any need for surgery. But for serious illness such as torn tissue or dislocated joint or bones, surgery is a must.

Sports medicine specialists are also authorized to prescribe drugs and perform medical procedures. The noted medical procedures are corticosteroid injections or PRP injections.

The approach of physiotherapy is also a painless procedure that is assured to improve the patient’s condition. But it requires the investment of a significant amount of time from both the patient and the therapist.

These doctors are also known to take training in sports psychology to strengthen the patients mentally. The main criteria to be a sports medicine doctor is to be well trained musculoskeletal medicine.

These doctors should have sharp diagnosis skills because most sports injuries and pains progress with time. The doctors should focus on injury prevention and conservation of sportsperson’s health and fitness.

They should also be concerned about surgical and non-surgical treatment options. If the patient undergoes surgical treatment, then focus should be put on rehabilitation and orthopedic physical therapy. The main aim should be the performance enhancement of the patient.

For professional athletes or sportspersons, the team managers appoint the best doctors possible. They will be well trained and qualified to enhance the performance of sportsperson physically and mentally.

Even from a young age, having a family doctor is very important. The doctor can guide throughout the sports or physical activity career of the person. It is best to keep a doctor always at hand as the children or teen progress in a sports career.

It is required that the doctors should be very positive and extremely supportive to help athletes perform better.

Ignorance of a sports medicine doctors can be fatal on-field and even during rehearsals. There are several instances of fatal casualties on-field where a player simply collapses and loses a life.

There are also instances where the injuries have a permanent effect on the sportsperson leaving them handicapped for life. There is a high demand for sports medicine specialists as professional and ordinary people of all ages have a priority to be fit.

Hence, finding the right doctor with responsibility for his patient is a commendable task. Because the doctor is an important role in making a sportsperson dream come true without any difficulty or fatalities.

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